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Living Silence in Burma

Living Silence in Burma

Living Silence in Burma

Surviving under Military Rule (Second edition)

Christina Fink

Buy Now Hardback: £65 ISBN: 9781848132719
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Publication date: 30/07/2009
Format: 216mm x 138mm

About the Book

In this new, thoroughly updated, edition of an acclaimed account of contemporary Burma, Christina Fink gives a moving and insightful picture of life under the repressive military dictatorship and the current possibilities for change. In addition to analysing the strategies and techniques the army has deployed to maintain power, Fink gives powerful insights into the life of ordinary Burmese people. Through extensive interviews conducted inside and outside the country she builds a richly textured picture of the type of accommodations people make in order to cope with daily life - as well as some innovative forms of resistance.

At a time when international engagement with Burma has grown, with increasing numbers of Burmese living and working abroad, can the regime sustain itself in the face of the economic deterioration at home? The brutal repression of the monk's demonstrations in 2007 were a desparate response to a political opposition better informed and more united than ever before. This is a book anyone with an interest in Burma needs to read.

What People Have Said About the Book

'Living Silence is particularly valuable for its study of the psychological effects of military rule on the people of Burma. The real struggle in Burma is the struggle between the desire to opt for the easy option of submitting to the demands of the powers that be and the commitment that leads to the hard road of resisting the threats and blandishments of a ruthless regime. By exploring the impact of military rule on the lives of ordinary people against a broad historical and social backdrop, Christina Fink makes an important contribution towards an understanding of the root causes of the problems and choices that the people of Burma are facing today.' - Aung San Suu Kyi

'The Burmese students have found their Boswell. Christina Fink has carefully recorded their statements and thoughts. Now, no one can dismiss the tragedy of Burma as the fiction of outsiders. These are the people who have and continue to live with it.'
- Professor Josef Silverstein, Rutgers University

'Christina Fink's Living Silence is a meticulous study of the surreal horror imposed upon the people of Burma by its illegitimate rulers. Read this book and never forget them.' - John Pilger, author


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